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Dr Hanaa Malallah
Project Principal Investigator and founder

Malallah studied Fine Art in Baghdad where she later became a renowned teacher. In 2006, Malallah left Iraq for an artist residency in Paris, then in 2008 took up a fellowship at SOAS, London.

Dr Mo Throp
Co-investigator and project partner

Throp is an artist and Associate Researcher at Chelsea College of Arts, London concerned with issues of feminism, identity and post-colonialism. Throp works as an artist, teacher, curator and writer.

Reyah Abd Al-Redah

Born in 1978 in Al Nasiriyah and gained a BA in Fine Art from Baghdad University in 2000. Currently teaching and living in
Al Nasiriyah, she has exhibited locally and internationally.

Fatimah Jawdet

Born in 1993, Jawdet has a Master of Arts Education, currently working in theatre and performance, winning several awards and honours. Jawdet participated in Evil Flowers in Poland, Unsoluble WomenAlkamar Femel, as well as Play Room in The Netherlands. 

Rozghar Mustafa

Born in Sulaimania Kurdistan, Mustafa gained an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art, London in 2013 and currently teaches in the Institute of Fine Art in Sulaimania. Working across different media, Mustafa’s practice deals with questions of transformation, conflict and gender, trauma and fear.

Betoul Mahdey

Mahdey is a British-Iraqi photojournalist born in Iraq, living in London since 1990 receiving a BA from Chelsea College of Art, London in 2010, and also a BA in Photojournalism from LCC, London in 2014. Mahdey returned to Baghdad in 2016 working on exhibiting in Iraq and abroad.

Mohammed Abd Al Wasi

Iraqi artist lives and works in Babylon, Iraq. Born in 1986, receiving a BA from Babylon College of Arts in 2008, then MA in 2008 from the same collage. Practicing as performance artist.

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